5 Reasons To Choose Sim Only Deals Over Contract Deals

5 reasons to go for sim only deals In recent years many UK mobile phone networks have increased their sim only deals and tried to make them more attractive. It can be useful to know some excuses to consider sim only deals. We have managed to find 5 reasons when to choose one over the other.

1) Contract Length
As the phones are becoming expensive, to get their money back, networks and merchants now give longer contracts. If you are looking for a shorter contract deals, you are likely to find more attractive and cheaper sim only deals then contracts with mobile phones. Now you can get even one month contracts on sim only deals which is not very often found on deals with phones. Shortest deals for contracts with phones now starts with 12 month contract while as sim only deals are available for 1 and 6 month contracts.

2) Waiting for phone

This is a very similar reason to the first. If you are waiting for a new phone which is to be released very soon, going for a contract phone will tie you done for at least for 12 months. Shortest contracts provided by some networks like 3(Three) is 24 months. That gives a good excuse to choose sim only deals.

3) Has a good phone

Another reason why you should consider going Sim only is to have a good phone. If you have a good phone which will run for another 12 months or so, you can choose to have sim only contracts. This will enable you to keep your phone and just change contracts. But as all phones does not support all sims due to sim size and new technologies, it is important to make sure that the new sim you are ordering is compatible with your existing phone.

4) Have a premium phone

If you have a phone which is expensive, getting a similar phone with a new cWontract can be expensive than a sim only deal. For some phones like latest Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy 4 phones, the cheapest deals with contract will be well above price of sim only deals. And it makes a good excuse to go for a sim only deal rather than an expensive contract deal.

5) Reduce carbon footprint

If you care about your carbon footprint, you can surely sale some of them by opting for your old phone rather than going for all new mobile phone which will produce some carbon cost to make.

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