Apple Iphone Review

Apple iPhones – What’s All The Excitement?

Edsel. New Coke. Apple Ipod?

Reviews of Apple’s much-hyped new gizmo have suggested that this just might be one of the most hated products in American history. Much like the car Edsel (named after a draft-dodging member of the Ford family) and New Coke (which tasted just like Pepsi). Still despite the reviews, the Apple iPhone has generated an absurd amount of revenue for Apple. Apparently, people were curious about just how bad a cell phone can be.

Does It Blend Well With Others?

One of the most popular viral videos since the phone’s much-hyped 2007 release is that of a blender seller, who put an iPhone in a blender and turned on the machine. He did this to not only show off the power of his blender product, but also as a clear way to show his opinion of the new iPhone. This video quickly became widely popular even more so than the Blendtec blender he was selling, which was a strong indication that many other viewers felt the same way, or at least could relate to his humorous way of showing his dissatisfaction in Apple’s new iPhone.

Sorry, Steve Jobs

Although you could go to a high tech website such as to read geek’s Apple iPhone reviews, they sometimes are a bit difficult to understand with all of the jargon and techno-babble. It would be best to read Apple iPhone reviews by an average person or do some personal investigation on your own. Apple iPhone reviews are easy to find online, simply type in: “Apple iPhone reviews”, in whatever search engine you use and you will find plenty to read.

Cara Volle wrote a review on that you might want to check out. It begins, “Sorry Steve Jobs, but I hate your effing iPhone”, that’s about all I can reprint here. Many of these reviews are not written in an award winning fashion, but they do help to open one’s imagination on what possibilities can be made to future devices.

Complaints about the iPhone from others have ranged from its choice of AT&T as network provider to the cost. Another complaint has been about the camera and video quality, which has been a source of contention for many people who say it’s disappointing and obviously not up to Apple’s normal standards. There’s also a disturbing trend for the iPhone to get physically very hot when in use. Another alarming fact is that well known computer security specialist have now found ways to hack into the Apple iPhone, which means others could do the same.

Whenever a new techie toy appears, there are bound to be bugs that only customers can find. Before purchasing your Apple iPhone, I would suggest waiting about one year so they can work out all the bugs and then create a much better product, one you may find worth waiting for.