Before You Buy Ltd Introduces a New Time-Saving Feature ‘Change Phone’

Gainsborough, Lincolnshire – April 29, 2013 – Before You Buy Ltd introduces a new useful feature called ‘Change Phone’ that makes searching for phones easier and time saving. This feature is now live on the website and will help users in an intuitive and intelligent way to search for the right phone.

The core idea behind introducing this feature is to eliminate the confusion and the need to enter search preferences repeatedly. Users simply need to enter the search preferences once and no matter how many times they open a new page or change phones their preferences will be saved when displaying further results.

The ‘Change Phone’ Button is easily accessible from all product pages and leads to a smarter interface that allows the users to enter various key values such as Minutes, Data, Text, Average Rental, Maximum Phone Price and a lot more. Along with this button, there is a check-box which reads ‘Keep Search Preferences’. This check-box allows users to save preferences every time they change phones. has always endeavoured to make mobile review and comparison more user-friendly and less time consuming. This new feature takes this endeavour to the next level and helps user save more time and energy when searching for the right phone, the right plan and the right price.

The Director of Before You Buy Ltd., Mr. Joseph James, said, We wanted to defy the norm of mobile phones review and comparison being time consuming and frustrating. The ‘Change Phone’ button will save user preferences and help them to land the right phone in a fraction of time. Our technological team has worked very hard on this feature and we sincerely hope it helps our users. has always aimed to identify users’ needs and deliver solutions that are beyond their expectations. Their focus on ease of use and faster results motivated their team to make the best use of latest technology and introduce this new feature.

Their commitment to bring the most intuitive features uniquely positions them to meet users’ needs most effectively. Besides this feature, offers many more features such as Free Gift Search, Phone Deal Search and many more.

These features have not only made UK’s most favourite website but also the most useful website through their use of pro-active technology.

About the Company: is a website that has always been ahead when it comes to providing quick and unbiased reviews on the latest phones and to get hold of the best deals available on the market. The ‘Change Phone’ feature is now live at