Enter the Amazing world of Sony PS4

PS4 is the new word in the gaming world. Now the next generation of console gaming has arrived. PS4 is already sweeping away the world of gamers. The most awaited PS4 is finally here with powerful graphics, blockbuster games, titles and seamless sharing making sure that PS4 takes up a new height in entertaining you. You can pre-order the play station 4 as a free gift with your mobile contract.

Best Features in PS4

    • Next generation graphics- this new play station will amaze you with its powers. This one has the advanced 8-core CPU and AMD next generation Radeon based graphics engine. It is therefore the fastest and smoothest console gaming that the world of gaming has ever seen. This gives a new look to your gaming place. You can definitely bring this to your home and enjoy the best graphics and best of all games.
    • Play Station has a resigned controller- that offers you extra sensitivity and enhances precision. You get the option to directly plug in the headset or speaker into the pad. And you are all set to go to the new world of amazing games. This game pad is designed in such a way so that you can get the effects clear and proper; with enhanced vibrations you can feel the action coming into life. The light bar makes it easier to identify the players during the action, while the touch pad offers amazing gaming gestures.
    • Continue to play as you download- You can immediately start playing and while you take the amazing ride to the actions of the games, you can download them as well. The full game can be downloaded in the background. This is an astonishing feature of PS4, you can play till it has been downloaded.
    • PS4 is made for sharing- When you play you always want to share it with the world or probably your competing friends. You can now do that immediately as and when the level is done. You can store a mind blowing kill streak that you have created. There is a special share button that makes your sharing easiest. The footage can be edited and broadcasted in Facebook, which makes even easier to compete and win with your competing friends.

It has already gained popularity all over the world and has broken all the records of the other Play Station. This was the most awaited and the most advanced play station ever and not only the PS fan but also new customers are also taking interest in this for the amazing features that Sony PS4 is offering. The fact that key cross-platform titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and battlefield 4 boasts a higher resolution than Xbox One, with higher memory space and GDDR5 Ram. This is one of the reason customers are choosing PS4 over any other gaming portal. Mobile phone deals with free Sony PS4 are available to search at Before You Buy which will help your money go even further. Happy shopping.

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