Keep The Number While Switching The Network

Mobile number portability is the service that empowers you to switch your mobile numbers between the networks. This service allows you to retain your old messages, contact numbers and other necessary information, while switching on to a different service provider. Using fairly simple and cost effective steps you can change your plan and service providers, as per your preference and liking.

The idea behind introducing this service was to make sure that you get the best mobile service from your service providers. If you fulfill the minimum contractual needs of your existing plan, you can swiftly move on the new plan and service provider within the time span of 24 hours. As users you have always benefited from the Mobile portability service, in following ways:

  • You can hop onto your preferred networks whenever you want without having to wait for a long period of time.
  • Growing competition has forced service providers to improve their services considerably.
  • New features and attractive deals are offered and introduced by service providers to attract the attention of the customers towards their networks.
  • The cost involved in shifting the numbers is also very marginal.

The process of porting, works in a different way if you are the resident of the U.K as compared to other European residents. Where in most European countries, customers select their new service provider and they on their behalf make all the arrangements.

In the United Kingdom, you have to file an application with your old service providers, and they will authorize you the code that will allow you to retain your existing number.

Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to change your service provider without changing your number or other details:

    1) You need to contact your existing service provider, and ask them for a 9 digit PAC code. As per the regulations this code has to be generated and sent to the customers within 2 hours.
    3) Once the final decision on the service provider and plan is made, you must contact your new service provider and give them the PAC number you have availed from the old company.
    4) New service provider with the help of PAC, will then be able to add you to your preferred plan and network with the same mobile number.

These steps are easy to follow and time effective. Within 24 hours you can switch your networks. One thing that you must keep in mind is that, if you want to change your service provider you must not cancel your existing contract. You can further attain more information about these methods by contacting any leading mobile service providers.

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