Separating The Facts From The Hype About The HTC Desire S Smartphone

The new HTC Desire S comes with a new enhanced design and specifications that have won it largely positive reviews in the UK market. Measuring 115 x 59.8 x 11.63mm and weighing 130 grams, the 2011 model is an improvement of the previous year’s design in a number of respects. It is not easy to tell the changes though except on closer examination.

The AMOLED screen of the 2010 model has been replaced by a Super LCD touch screen though the dimensions are still stuck at 37.7 inch. The touch response has improved as a result of the change. The physical buttons that provided for home, back, search and menu functions have been replaced by dedicated touch sensitive buttons built into the glass display. The new design has also done away with the optical track-pad feature.

The Android OS supported touch screen provides resolutions of 800 by 480 pixels. Put under test in the performance of variety of tasks including basics browsing, the screen response times proved appreciably fast. The quality of display was noticeably poor especially in comparison with leading smart-phones in the high end market. A distinct pointer to this is the fact that the phone displays a distinctly grayish hue in place of white backgrounds.

The phone sports a 5 megapixel camera that has a very intuitive response as well as capture speeds for stills. The 720 HD video capture feature is a welcome improvement on the previous model. A definite drawback is the fact that with the sensor still limited to the 5 megapixel range, the videos taken may not measure up to the very best in the field.

The new model also comes with a robust 1GB RAM that is more than adequate to handle the demands of the upgraded Android 2.3. In terms of the processor though, there are certain misgivings from the more discerning users. While there has been a definite trend for the higher end smart-phones to come equipped with dual core microprocessors, this particular brand still sports a single core processor.

The network hardware has however been enhanced for better connectivity. This model now supports HSDPA 3G plus networks at 14.4mbps. For even greater convenience at connectivity, the device supports wireless connectivity for Wi-Fi 802.11n band range.

The revolutionary front-facing camera adds a new dimension to the practicality of use. However, this feature may prove of little use at the moment since there are scarcely any applications available to take advantage of it. The version of Skype available on the Android market does not have capacity for users to make video calls, at least for the time being. The VGA camera takes videos and photos that are adequately sufficient for most requirements.

For one off offers, it is possible to buy the smart-phone around the UK at 400 pounds SIM free. Different retailers offers include a MicroSD card with sizes ranging around 4 gigabytes or higher. Another selling point is the hardy shell built from unibody aluminium.

There are contract deals available as options to owning the HTC Desire S in selected stores and providers in UK. In almost every instance, the handset is offered free with monthly charges ranging between 20 and 21 pounds. Also bundled up is a range of offers that range form up to 1,000 free minutes, 5,000 SMS messages and 1GB free internet.

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