Watch and Buy 2015’s Top Ten Smart Phones in UK

Heading to buy a new phone? If looking for the best and hottest smartphones of 2015 then, you have landed on the right page. Here is the list of the best smartphones that embodies the latest versions of operating systems, sizes and prices as well. To meet best of your budget, here we have segmented the phones that recognize and compare the best phones touching it in the competition.

Hop On and Explore The Top Ten Smart Phone Buzzing In The Market:

Samsung Galaxy S6: One of the best android phones of the year so far. With 4.5 star rating £599 inc VAT (32GB), £660 inc VAT (64GB) in prize, It is the well built phone with a stunning touch screen of super AMOLED with 16 M colors, latest android version 5.1.1, fast charging capacity, vastly improved fingerprint scanner potentially draws all the users.

    1. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact: The Xperia Z3 compact’s design is thinner and lighter with a larger display. It is one of the best mini smarter phones buzzing around. Its special feature includes PS4 remote play and high resolution audio.
    2. LG G4: It has better build quality and has a whopping 5.5 inches display. It is a ceramic model with strong build quality and is not much different from LG G3.
    3. HTC One M9: A powerful snapdragon 810 with a massive memory is likely to tempt android lovers although Samsung is topping the list but with it you have the choice to switch to.
    4. Apple Iphone 6: iPhone lovers this phone is made for you. An ultimate phone that will promise to bring down your budget. It’s sleek, beautiful and well-built. It is all rounded with features like better performance, stunning display.
    5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: One of the best designed phones on the android land.  It is available in gold platinum and silver titanium color. With a splashing camera of 16 mp.
    6. Motorola Moto X Play: It is a dual SIM version phone which is fully waterproof. It is cheaper and has optical stabilization and gives you an option to shoot 4K video.
    7. Samsung Galaxy Alpha 5:  The South Korean firm has done good justice with the phone. It has produced a super slim, sleek design and impressive capabilities all in one hand. It is power efficient, fast and protects your privacy in an enhanced way.
    8. Sony Xperia M4 Aqua: If you are looking for a low budget phone then Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is a solid choice to buy too.  It is handy, user-friendly and it’s a worth spending on it.
    9. Huawei P8: Its excellent design and lower price makes it popular than its flagship rivals. However, its frequent software taint and poor performance makes hard to recommend.

So, now it must be pretty clear to you what to buy and what not. And if still there is a space for any quest in your mind then visit to compare the latest smart phones from all the above mentioned leading brands and choose the one that meets all your demands.

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