What Do We Get Out Of The Latest iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

i5 vs note2

We see a lot of mobile phones and gadgets being launched in the market recently. This implies that with the fast development of our technology we have more choices to pick for the appropriate device that would fit our requirements and budget. Do we really have a choice between say for example an iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Yes, we do. But we always base our selection from reviews, comments and we take note of the influential factors such as the features, style and design of the device.

Just recently, Apple launched the iPhone 5 and at the same time Samsung introduced the smartest phone they have in line which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Both have impressive features and functions. We have found a lot of competitive deals and mobile phone contracts being offered by some of the leading network carriers for these devices that entice the customers to switch or swap their old phones for new ones.

With these mobile companies constantly on the move to present the latest innovation on mobile phones, customers tend to go with what’s new, what’s the most popular and not with what they can benefit with the phone. I have asked a few friends around and I was able to get some feedback. Most of them have the latest iPhone 5 and they were happy with it until they saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. According to some friends who were able to get hold of the Note 2, they were pretty impressed with the device in terms of its functionality, fast processor and state-of-the-art features. If they were to rate the Note 2, it would be getting mostly five stars. This is probably due to the fact that iPhone 5 is just basically the same iPhone that gets an upgrade, this time with a better OS. However, consumers nowadays would prefer Android powered gadgets since they can enjoy thousands of free apps and software.

A number of online surveys show that there is a close fight between the two devices. Up until now, there are some unsure buyers who are on the fence when it comes to both devices. These phones are with such obvious uniqueness that taking into account one before the other would be whichever just because of total snooping, or because one is ideal for your anticipated purpose. Nonetheless, if you are just looking for a Smartphone that will fit your style and aim for convenience then the iPhone 5 is basically the one for you.  For those who are on the multi-tasking side, and consume more videos while scribbling down a few notes and enjoy a much larger screen then the Samsung Galaxy Note II would be perfect.

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