Windows 7 For Mobile Phone Has Changed Everything

When Microsoft launched Windows 7 for mobile phones, everyone knew that a new era has begun. This operating system has already appeared on many phones and even more important is the fact that it sustains continuous developments. Every single carrier has this new system and there are very good reasons for this, simply because it is really awesome.

Many people consider that if Microsoft had invented this system a few years ago, today’s technologies would have been more advanced. Similar to the Windows 7 desktop operating system, the Windows 7 for mobile phones is everything people hoped it would be. This mobile operating system ensures the same reliability and great features everyone admires to his or her computer system. It definitely changes everything we knew until it was discovered.

Why is this? Well, because this system fills in the gap with a meaningful effort for which people were looking for a long time? The Windows 7 for mobile phones gives us the chance to have a pocket size but complete computer which we can take along with us wherever we go.

Windows 7 for Mobile Phones: Features and Specifications

The operating system that was especially designed for mobile phones is similar to the Windows 7 desktop versions. It is an aesthetical system, feature-wised. In addition to the operating system, anyone can enjoy the third-party software developments and new applications that are available through Windows Marketplace.


* user friendly interface
* primary, crisp colors
* modern, innovative and playful with big text and beautiful graphics
* ensures zoom, scroll, pan and flip features from screen to screen
* live tiles on Start screen, fully customizable

System Organizing

* people: contacts and social networking
* pictures
* games
* music and video: the mobile Windows 7 include Zune HD’s software
* marketplace
* office
* real-time updates from Windows Life and Facebook


* standardized interface elements
* Bing maps, with search and map services
* additional applications can be purchased from marketplace
* GPS system

Missing Features

* copy/paste capabilities
* multitasking: do not allow third party applications for background running
* Adobe Flash
* silverlight
* HTML5 support
* threaded e-mail
* visual voicemail
* unified inbox
* Internet tethering
* universal search
* video calling
* Twitter integration
* removable storage support

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 7 for Mobile Phones


Office hub helps users to synchronize personal and office documents between phone, computers and other devices.
It offers documents such as Outlook Mail, Presentation and OneNote applications.
It presents great networking tools such as Zune, Xbox Live, e-mail and texting, GPS and standard hardware.


The system presents a series of missing applications which are ensured by other systems, such as iPhone and Android.


At the bottom line, everyone considers that Windows 7 for mobile phones provides a different approach of the high technological aspects. However, most professionals expressed opinions that this system completes the pioneer stage, which puts the bases for better, highly developed upcoming versions of Windows operating systems for mobile phones. gives Windows 7 for Mobile Phones

4 out of 5 rating

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